• 1Bela Dubey, 2Aditya Vyas 1B.Tech scholar, 2JAVA Trainer 1JVWU, Jaipur, 2HCL CDC Bhopal


There are various ways to share the contact details or information and get into receiver’s contact list but business cards are being used since long. There are several advantages of using business cards such as they are cheap, portable, and easy to share. But apart from these advantages it has several disadvantages too. What if someone loses your card? Apart from that they need to be update regularly with the change in the designation or any of the contact details. If any of the details change than the old cards become useless and they need to be updated and printed again. They can only travel at places you travel. They can only be shared with a limited number of people whom you meet or can be placed at some public places. They cannot be shared to a person dwelling in another city or state easily. If the cards are not shared and used effectively than they are of no use. We are living in the era of technology and website has become a mandate for all the business whether small or big. In the modern era, people and companies are using internet for information and so we make use of websites [1]. It has several advantages. It is less expensive as compared to other modes of marketing like print or electronic media. Through the website you can share all the required information and details regarding the products or services offered along with the contact information. With the help of the website customers can access your details from anywhere at any time. Even in the non-working hours your website will be accessible and you can get the details of the visitors just by enabling the contact form in the website. I am not only talking about business information. It can be professional, semiprofessional or personal information. Now days there are different websites for maintaining your different kinds of information such as job portals, matrimonial, social networking, and ecommerce and so on. So you need to maintain different profiles on different websites in order to update your information. So I came up with the website which helps you to get rid of business cards as well as your trouble of maintaining different profiles on different sites. KEYWORDS: JSP: Java Server Pages, HTML: Hypertext Markup Language, CSS: Cascading Style Sheets, SQL: Structured Query Language, JDBC: Java Database Connectivity, VCF: Variant Call Format




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